Hire an expert

Here is a list of experts you can hire for specific projects your working on. Maybe you need a designer to create a drawing for you, or perhaps you need a software engineer to write an Arduino program for you. Perhaps you need a mechanical engineer to develop a product for you. Here you can hire on a per project basis. Contact these professionals directly to get help.

  • Mechanical Engineering Devi
    has more then 20 years of
    Experience in Mechanical Engineering under his belt- contact Devi here
  • Design Engineering Bob has been a Design Engineer for 7 years and is proficient in Pro-E, solid works, and AutoCad Contact Bob here
  • Robotics Engineer Kevin finished his Mechatronics Degree in Boston and is keen to work on many Robotics projects  Contact Kevin here

Want to advertise yourself on here ? please email us and give us a description of your skill and we will add you to our list.

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Contact – marketing@makezilla.com