MakeZilla was developed by a team of Engineers that wanted a place for people to share and promote their products or projects. Having worked on many projects ourselves building things we felt their was such a waste if all the work we did was for nothing. We thought wouldn’t it be cool if there was a one stop place where you can get professional help (see our Hire an Expert page) and make your projects become a reality and then promote them and maybe even sell some, or make connections with people in industry who can get your products in-front of the right people. It is also becoming the norm for corporations to find employees on sites like these because it allows them to check out their self accomplishments and technical knowledge and find people who can do truly amazing things, sometimes with very little.


Our Passion

So post away your projects on our site, include as much detail as you can and if this is something you would like to do more of or sell then promote it in your post too.