How to play more than 38 famous Windows games on

Written by: Dmitry_Eltechs

Odroid is a great development mini PC board to make different IoT or other tech projects on. Needless to describe all the advantages of this marvelous device, as any reader of this post is likely to be really into this growing community.

But if you are new to these boards, there are a bunch of resources to educate yourself. Read their Odroid magazine, ask questions on their forum and explore the details on their Wiki pages (Find the models and prices on Odroid store).

In this article, we are going to release the tutorial on how to set up an ExaGear Software trial on Odroid devices. But, first of all, let me give you a brief introduction of what the ExaGear software is for.

ExaGear Desktop is a powerful emulator for porting almost any x86 applications to ARM-based devices. In a nutshell, if you need some Windows apps or on your Odroid for any specific purpose (e.g. Notepad++ or even MS Word), ExaGear is the best solution to make it happen. Not mentioning the fact, that some native Linux applications, such as Skype and TeamViewer, when launched within ExaGear run even faster than launched via Wine on Linux. If you need more information visit our product page!


Install ExaGear Desktop Trial on Odroid

Our ExaGear Odroid Trial is kept on Odroid repos and is available for the following ODROID models:

  • Odroid C0
  • Odroid C1
  • Odroid C1+
  • Odroid C2
  • Odroid X
  • Odroid X2
  • Odroid U2
  • Odroid U3
  • Odroid XU3
  • Odroid XU4
  • Odroid HC1
  • Odroid MC1

Within the following OS images on:

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Ubuntu 16.04 Kernel 3.10
  • Ubuntu 16.04 Kernel 4.9
  • Debian Jessie (available for Odroid X,X2,U2/U3,XU3/XU4,C1,C2)
  • ODROID GameStation Turbo (available for Odroid X,X2,U2/U3,XU3/XU4,C1,C2)
  • DietPi (available for Odroid C1,C2,XU3/XU4)

The installation process is really straightforward:

1. Connect a keyboard and a mouse to your Odroid device, or connect to it remotely – whatever you got used to.

2. Call for the command line and input the following commands to update the system.

$ sudo apt-get update

3. After a few minutes of auto-updating, you need to proceed with the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install exagear-desktop

4. As soon as the installation is finished, simply switch on the ExaGear software:

$ exagear

5. The pop-up window will appear for you to provide your name and e-mail address. After you are done with that your ExaGear Odroid Trial will be activated and will last for 3 days from the moment of activation.

Popup form for ExaGear Odroid trial


You might want to check if ExaGear is properly installed on you Odroid device. You can do it the following way:

$ uname -a

You should get the output like:

Linux odroid 4.9.51-64 #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Sep 23 03:28:28 UTC 2017 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux

6. Finally, we recommend to check that everything is OK by running the “arch” command (it should result in “i686” output):

$ arch

Playing Windows Games on Odroid

Well, you are done with the installation and activation of your trial, so it’s the very time to enjoy the full power of ExaGear Desktop emulator by playing different famous Windows games on your Odroid device. Of course, gaming on Odroid is just a very small part of what ExaGear software can really do, but this user case is very representative and after all simply cool!

Tobias Schaaf from Odroid Magazine has prepared an outstanding article, covering some of the most popular PC games to be installed and played on Odroid, using ExaGear Desktop as an emulation machine and PlayOnLinux app. Read the ultimate tutorial here!


Moreover, as a bonus, he has prepared a list of games compatibility for Odroid, tested by him personally on Odroid XU4 model. You can find the tabli in our Odroid Gaming article


If you would like to get the ExaGear Odroid trial, please read this article

For more information about ExaGear Desktop, visit our product page