How to make a Drop Down TV Lift Kit

Written by: admin@makezilla

This Kit enables you to make your own Drop down TV lift. Watch the video to see how that was made and the steps taken. To order this kit please visit -


1. Firgelli Deluxe Linear Actuator, the stroke will match whatever option you select here. Typically you match the stroke of the actuator to how far you want to move your TV or other object.

2. Pair of heavy duty Slide Rails. These will come in a longer stroke than you meed to make it easy for installation. Our slide rails are bearing slides which are effortless noiseless slides

3. MB3U Bracket. This is to fit at the top of the cabinet to guide the pulley cable correctly

4. MB3 Bracket. This bracket is to attach the Linear Actuator to the top of the cabinet or in the ceiling or wherever else you are installing it

5. Power Supply. This is a plug in the wall power supply and gives you 12vdc output which is what the Actuator and Remote control requires

6. 2-Channel Remote Control. This provides you with RF wireless remote of your drop down TV lift

7. Pulley kit. This coated cable can take allot of weight and is more than tough enough to carry the largest of TV’s. It includes 2 cable clamps to clamp the cable as shown in the video and even a pulley in case you need to angle the cable in a different direction.

8. Cable Drag chain. This drag chain is used to enclose all your cables to the TV like the HDMI, Power cable etc. They are 1 meter long (40") and are ideal for keeping your wires from been pinched.

All parts available at -

Now this same project can be applied to anything you want to have electronically dropped down, such as this double bed, A large TV in the bedroom or living room or an entire cabinet from the ceiling.

First thing to do is this cut out a pocket from the bottom of the cabinet you’re going to drop the tv out off.

Just measure the width and depth of your tv and add 2" to the depth and 1 “ to the width.

Cut the pocket all the way to the back off the cabinet.

Next we install drawer guide rails. Screw these onto the back wall of the cabinet. The moving end of the rails should drop down through the pocket you just cut out.

We used 18" stroke guide rails, however we only want the TV to drop about 9" but the rails don’t have to extend that far.

Next we used a piece of MDF wood, we got this from home depot and cut it to about 8"x 6", this is used to attach to the guide rails and the back of the tv.

Now when the backing plate attached you can see what it looks like when the doors are open and the guide rails retracted.

And now when the guide rails are extended we attach the pulley cable. This cable is what will lift and drop the tv.

Now to make sure the tv will lift and down smoothly simply pull the cable up and down a few times by hand.

Now drill a hole in the top of the cabinet for the cable to run through and use an mb3u bracket for the cable to run over.

Now install the actuator somewhere on the top of the cabinet in line with the cable.

It doesn’t matter where it’s installed as long as when the actuator is extended it’s still a few inches away from the bracket.

Now attach the cable to the actuator and use the clamp in the pulley-kit to clamp the wire, you will need to pull the cable up so that the tv is lifted all the way up before tightening.

Now attach the actuator to the 2ch-remote control box and power supply, you can use a 12 VDC battery or power adaptor.

The kit comes with the power adaptor, which is recommended.

Here we just used A 12 VDC battery, wiring is easy. Red and black from the remote to the battery, green/yellow to the actuator.

Now just test it by pressing the up and down button on the remote to make sure it runs smoothly.

When the actuator extends the tv will drop. it’s that simple.

Add the tv to the piece of wood and test it out.

Notice the drag chain, this is where all the tv cables go in. This comes in the kit too.

The drag chain ensures wires don’t get pinched anywhere.

Simply drill another hole in the top of the cabinet for the cables if you want them to run out the top

Some cables may just stay inside the cabinet.

Now attach the tv and give it a test.

You can adjust where the tv Drops to or lifts to just by adjusting the cable length.

All the parts come in the kit, see the link :