Drop down TV Lift

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Drop Down TV Lift

I bought this amazing Drop down TV Lifts from Firgelli and it has proved to be bestseller amongst all the available Drop down TV Lifts in market. Firgelli has become one of the most popular Drop down TV Lift solution in the market.  Being one of the first Drop down TV Lifts to the market as well as they have done an amazing job marketing this product which puts them in the top tier.

The drop down TV Lifts can be attached to the ceiling, floor or inside a cabinet. You can Install a dropdown TV lift, press a button and TV will drop out of the ceiling, I can simply push the remote to raise the TV back .

The Drop-Down TV lift system adds flair and a minimalist appeal to my living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, workshops, meeting rooms, and more wherever installed. If you are looking to hide your TV/AV equipment, the drop-down TV lift by Firgelli Automations is your solution

·         The Drop-Down TV lift is a track actuator-type lift designed to be compatible with various sizes of flat panel screens while still leaving enough room for an adjustable bracket for  a piece of drywall on the end of the unit for complete concealment.

·         Firgelli Automations produces three lengths of stroke to accommodate a variety of screen sizes and shapes. All three are capable of lowing and lifting up to 160 lbs (55 kg).

·         The installation and set up of the Drop-Down system is simplified to save time: only two brackets are needed to attach the unit into the space above the ceiling, and all the electrical connections between components feature quick connect plugs types which makes this system “plug and play”.

·         All Drop-Down lifts come packaged with an RF (radio frequency) Remote control, which will allow you to control your lift system from a comfortable distance.

·         All components included in the Drop-Down kit are UL and CE certified, meaning peace of mind when it comes to electrical safety.

·         The brackets which are used to fix the TV to the rest of the unit is comparable to universal wall mounts found in most electronics stores however custom fabricated to work with our lifts. This means that most of the TV’s that you can purchase will be compatible with the lifts.

·         TV’s can be adjusted in height relative to the track actuator via holes on the bracket, allowing you to have a perfect fit no matter what TV you decide to use the Firgelli Automations Drop-Down lift with.

·         The Firgelli Drop-Down unit will accommodate televisions up to 50″ in height, or approximately 95″ diagonally.

·         Plugs into North American 110 volt outlets.

·         An adjustable drywall bracket enables the user to flush mount a piece of their ceiling to the bottom of the unit so that when not in operation nothing is visible.

The Drop Down TV lift was has been satisfying clients like me all over the globe with its smooth and simple operation. Keeping customer comfort in mind, the lift can be used at any time of day, via remote control, no matter its application due to its low noise rating of just 5 decibels over ambient noise levels.

Firgelli has been in the business since last 15 years i.e. 2002. Brand name has grown to become synonymous with Quality, affordability, and accessibility. The brand is now recognized as been a global provider for TV Lifts, Linear Actuators and many other products to support a huge range of industries and applications.

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