Bullet Series Mini Actuator

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I bought this actuators from Firgelli and it has proved to be bestseller amongst all the available actuators. Firgelli has become one of the most popular solution providers in the market, they have done an amazing job marketing this product which puts them in the top tier.

What kind of actuator is this ?

What kind of Linear actuator is this ?

The Figelli Linear Actuators  are precision-engineered, and lasts long with the largest inventory. It was delivered  to me same day when I ordered it. They are UL recognized, and because they are the manufacturer we get direct manufacturers pricing. Firgelli has been building Actuators for over a decade in their own factory. Compare to the  Actuators of  other brands Firgelli Actuators are built better. They have used bearings not bushes, high carbon steel not low carbon. T4 Aluminum not Cheap Aluminum, quality micro-switches not cheap Chinese switches. All this adds up to longer life better quality Actuators that actually saved my money in the long run. 

The new Bullet Series Mini Actuator are very compact and powerful for its size.  Its made from  Aluminum, is very much light weight and are fitted with high quality Japanese motors to ensure a long life span and low operating noise with an IP66 rating.

 They offer standard in 12v or 24v, two force options, and in stroke lengths from 1 to 8 inches.  Pairs with MB14 brackets, designed just for this actuator.

These Actuators came with force sensing built in and so they bump into something or when they get to the end of their stroke they automatically stop moving until you either change direction or remove the load. This is a great new safety mechanism and offers many applications from Skylight Window openers to Automotive motion control where space is tight. 

Firgelli has been in the business since last 15 years i.e. 2002. Brand name has grown to become synonymous with Quality, affordability, and accessibility. The brand is now recognized as been a global provider for TV Lifts, Linear Actuators and many other products to support a huge range of industries and applications.

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