Pop Up TV Lift

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I bought this amazing Pop Up TV Lift  from Firgelli and it has proved to be bestseller amongst all the available tv lifts in market. After having sofas and chairs pointing towards the TV, a new approach to fashionable furnishings for bedrooms, living rooms, lounges and dens is beginning to its mark on the homes of the nation with Firgille POP UP TV LIFT.

It is Suitable for those who want to create some space in their living areas AND for fans of minimalism who want a TV without the wires, cables and boxes usually involved, a pop up TV LIFT is ultimate solution. The TV then ‘pops up’ at the touch of a button. If you are looking for a TV lift for elegantly and efficiently elevate and hide your television, look no further than Firgelli popup tv lift.


Pop Up TV Lift

There are numerous benefits to choosing a pop up TV lift for your home. After using this product I have personally experienced that it’s a great product to be used. They save space and they keep my room clutter-free by concealing all of the cables and wires that trail around TV. The beautiful pop up TV Lift holds our television, all of your cables. In an elegant finish, the Pop up TV lift has a multitude of features and upgrade options. Its size means it is a perfect fit at the foot of a bed, where you can enjoy a movie in comfort.

The Pop-Up TV lift is the culmination of countless nights spent testing and designing a unit which will seamlessly integrate into television automation solutions in a wide variety of applications. The Firgelli Pop-Up lift can be used on yachts, RV’s, modern kitchens, patio’s, stages, home theaters, and more all across the globe.

·         The Pop-Up lift operates with loads up to 170 lbs (72.7 kg)

·         It’s made up of of high grade steel and aluminum.

·         Includes optional roller top for hinged lid applications, or simply attach the top of your cabinet to the top of the lift

·         Coated in durable black paint

·         Slim design allows for the allocation of just 4.25″ of depth not including a TV of your choice Accommodates up to 36″ of height with our 36″ stroke model, which is good for TV’s around 70″ diagonally

·         Quiet operation at approximately 5 decibels over ambient noise

·         Typical installation takes just 15 minutes

·         Comes with IR remote and RF for extra possibilities - Please note the 25" stroke lift only comes with IR remote

·         Comes with Wired controller in case you loose a remote.

·         Universal mounting brackets included for all shapes and sizes of TV’s

Firgelli has been in the business since last 15 years i.e. 2002. Brand name has grown to become synonymous with Quality, affordability, and accessibility. The brand is now recognized as been a global provider for TV Lifts, Linear Actuators and many other products to support a huge range of industries and applications.

To buy this Firgelli Pop Up TV Lifts, you can visit the website - https://www.firgelliauto.com/products/pop-up-tv-lift#ptab-product-videos

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So start popping out your TV