Ultimate Vibrobot

Written by: roboguru




Step 1: Basic

There are many ways for making vibrobot, but most of them have minor problems, let's discuss and solve it !!

Here are the problems...

1. Motor draw a lot of power, I want to use relatively large battery and changing battery is required.
2. Making vibrobot need soldering, it is not suitable for children/ or repair.
3. I want a switch for temporary stop playing or storage.
4. Most of them did not move in desire way....

To make my version of vibrobot,

1. U still need to solder the pins to the motor and wrap with heat shrink tubing, this method make the virobot more tough and durable. Once u solder the pins to the motor, the children can do the rest....
2. U can buy only the "toothbrush head" instead....
3. hot glue the motor to one of the end of the brush.
4. One of the pin pass through the battery holder then bend it 90 degrees,
5. Placing the battery to the holder.
6. bend another pin 90 degrees.
7. When u need to turn on the vibrobot, u can either hook the pin to the positive of battery or simply placing a magnet on the top of the positive.

7. One of the interesting way is, u can hot glue some "weight" on the top of the vibrobot and therefore changing the motion of the vibrobot.