How to make a Makeblock Remote Control 2WD Robot

Written by: admin@makezilla

The Makeblock Remote Control 2WD Robot is a simple Makeblock robot. It is easy to build and control. We use a infrared remote control to control this robot.

If you have bought the starter kit with Me-BaseBoard go visit the instruction page below:
Me-Baseboard 2WD Robot


For more information, please visit Makeblock website here.

Getting Started
This instructable, How to make a Makeblock Remote Control 2WD Robot, will show you the step-by-step instructions on how to build a 2WD robot by Makeblock.
Now let's have some fun!

Step 1: Materials list

Materials List:

Mechanical Part List:
2 × Beam 0824-144
2 × Timing Pulley 90T
2 × Tyre 68.5×22mm
1 × Caster Wheel
2 × DC Motor-25 Bracket
1 × Plate 3×6
1 × Bracket P3
2 × Shaft Connector-4
4 × Screw M4×14
12 × Screw M4×8
4 × Countersunk Screw M3×8
2 × Headless Screw M3×5
1 × Nut M8

Electronic Modules List:
1 × Arduino
1 × Acrylic Box
1 × Me-BaseShield
1 × Battery Holder
1 × Acrylic Battery Bracket
2 × DC Motor-25
1 × Me Infrared Receiver Decode V2.0
1 × IR Remote Controller
1 × RJ11 Cable

Step 2: Build the chassis of the robot



Follow the pictured steps to build the chassis of the robot.

Step 3: Add Motors




Before add the motors on the chassis, you need build the two motors with motor brackets. Then install the Shaft Connect-4 on each motor.
In the end, add the motors on the chassis with 4 Screw M4×8.

Step 4: Attach Driving Wheels


Now attach Driving Wheels. The Driving Wheel is made by two parts, the Timing Pulley 90T and the Tyre 68.5×22mm.
So first install the Timing Pulley 90T to the motors.
Then attach the Tyre 68.5×22mm to each Timing Pulley 90T.

Step 5: Attach the Caster Wheel


Attach the Caster Wheel as the above pictures show. After doing that you may build a 2WD Robot without electronic parts.

Step 6: Add the Motor Wires


Now let's add the electronic parts to the 2WD Robot you have built.
Add teh motor wires to the motors as above pictures show.

Step 7: Add the Battery Holder


In this step, we'll add the Battery Holder to the bottom of the Robot by using 2 Plastic Rivet R4060.

Step 8: Add Arduino & Me-Baseshield


In this step, we'll add Arduino & Me-Baseshield to the top of the Robot by using 2 Plastic Rivet R4060.





Step 9: Add Me-Infrared Receiver Decode V2.0


After adding Arduino & Me-BaseShield we need add Me-Infrared Receiver Decode V2.0 to the Robot. Install Me-Infrared Receiver Decode V2.0 with two Screw M4×8 as above pictures show.





Step 10: Connect the Wires

It is easy to connect the wires now. The table above shows how to connect the motors and sensors to Me-BaseShield. After the connecting, we have made the Robot. The next step will show you how to upload the demo code and make the Robot run by using the remote controller.