Workshop Safety

Written by: techguru

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Joking aside here, Workshop safety is a serious matter. Even in the jokey pic there are several obvious mistakes.

Step 1: Health and Safety.

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Here in the UK we have the Health and Safety at Work act. 1974.

Read it.

It is often used by lazy people as an excuse not to do stuff. e.g. Teachers who can't be arsed to organise field trips. Council officials who don't to have to organise evens.

It is a perfectly reasonable document which has saved thousands of lives, and kept even more in work. After it's introducion injuries in industry fell to a fracion ot the previous level. Most of it is about common sen

Quite often it says "where possible" acknowledging that some acivities are dangerous.

Step 2: Get trained. Look after your mates.

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Your employer has a responsibility to train you and provide you with Personnal Protective Equipment.(PPE)

You have an obligation to work safely and make sure that your co-workers do too.

Step 3: Back to my original point however.

Picture of Back to my original point however.

1. I am wearing a wood turning apron, but stupidly I have my hair not tied back. It could be caught in the machinery, Not so bad you might think, Its just your Hair, but its not so funny when face get ripped off because you have been wound into the rotating bits.

2. I have a dangly Earing. It could get caught. There I go - face ripped off.

3. I am not wearing any eye protection. If you are wood turning you should probably wear full face protection. It s not unknown for workpieces to unexpectedly shatter and rip your face off. Again.

Please chaps. Machinery ids dangerous. Whenever I post an instructable I try to include safety advice. Please do the same.