Metal Wall Art – Sailing Boats

Written by: roboguru

Picture of Metal Wall Art - Sailing BoatsIMG_1314.JPG

I'm totally into Arts and Craft...anything interest me. I've been looking into metal art...but not being able to weld for lack of equipment was a major drawback...being surfing for a cheap welding kit...but all the prices were way... to high for me. Imagine my excitement when instructables put up this challenge...and the prizes!!! wow! My mouth is still please pretty please...VOTE FOR ME :-).
Below is my metal art....using soldering ....for those lucky once who have a welding kit....go ahead and's so much easier and better! I remember seeing something like this online while surfing for metal art...but i cant recall where.

Step 1: What you need...

Picture of What you need...

To color aluminium are supposed to use patina for have never used i went to the stores and  asked for patina to color aluminium....I got a total blank look....i was offered  putty!  could be language  problem...we do not speak English in my maybe it's called something else...
Anyway....they probably thought i was women usually..... in my not get into woodwork, metal work or any predominantly male work :-) I'm weird.

Basic materials you need:

Aluminum sheet
Black paint
hot glue gun
Strong wire...but you should be able to bend it when pressed real hard by hand
Oil based Wood stains (my alternative to patina)
Soldering iron and  soldering wire
Some bind the strong wire( since the strong wire doesn't get soldered)..I used the wire from some of my old                   burnt up insulated wires

Step 2: Waves

Picture of WavesIMG_1287.JPGIMG_1289.JPGIMG_1290.JPGIMG_1291.JPG

Cut the wire into various length ranging from 30" to 36"...i cut 7. You could also cut all the same length and then trim them later...
according to your preference.
Bend the wire into doesn't have to be perfect.
Place one wire on another like in the picture and tie with a wire that can be soldered.
Build up the waves gradually by weaving some wires through others...tie certain places with the wire...( but keep in mind where you want the boats to that you can tie where the boats are and then the connections won't be visible).
Once you are satisfied with your waves..solder where you have tied.
Now paint it give a wrought iron look.

Step 3: Boats

Picture of BoatsIMG_1293.JPGIMG_1295.JPGIMG_1296.JPGIMG_1302.JPGIMG_1297.JPG

Print out the template to the sizes you want....or Draw your boats on it on the waves...check if the proportions are satisfactory to you...I cut 2 large 2 Medium and 3 small boats.....later i thought 2 large and 1 medium and 4 small would have been ideal....but then again...i couldn't decide.
Place your templates on the aluminium sheet and trace and cut...mark them if you don't want to mix them up. Cut the mast from the wire and like in the waves...tie with a wire and solder...then paint it black.
Clean the aluminium cut pieces and stain them with wood stain...oil based is best...
I used Teak , mahargoney and ebony.
Once dry... varnish them ...Varnish the back's easier for the next step.

Step 4: Assembling

Picture of AssemblingIMG_1309.JPGIMG_1303.JPGIMG_1307.JPGIMG_1304.JPGIMG_1313.JPG

Paint your wire strips black...or if you can find black wires (like pipe cleaners) that too is fine. Place it on the sails at the top and bottom and  hot glue would adhere better if the surface has a bit of varnish on make sure to vanish the back too in the previous step.
put a bit of UHU glue or hot glue to the top of the mast and wrap the flag tightly around the mast. Next attach the boat. Finally attach the sails.
Place the waves on the floor and place your boats on it....You may follow the picture or place it anyway your heart desires :-)
Take a snap shot so you wont forget how it's placed.
Now remove the boats and slowly attach the back boats first to the waves with the black wire( twist it well)...attach where it's covered by the sails.
Pull the waves up a bit  when you are attaching the front boats so it would be higher.
Step back...look and tweak the waves hear and there to give a better dimension.

Now nail your wall and hang your wall art :-D

Ta Da!