My workshop

Written by: roboguru


My workshop consists of four areas: electronics, mechanics, storage and chemistry. It is not big or well equipped but I can get my projects done in it. It took me few years to equip my workshop and I am still not done (main reasons for that are: high cost of equipment and location of workshop).

This area is still in progress. Right now I am building laboratory power supply (wooden box in pictures). Plan is to equip my workshop with measuring instruments and better soldering stations. But what I got right know is good enough. There is also a computer and stereo on site, mainly for entertainment and for researching for project. Workshop is covered with Wi-Fi hotspot.

I believe that in this area is not much space to have more than I got. On workbench you can see boring machine, saw, clamp in light, all mounted to workbench. Tools and some of the materials are stored on shelves on workbench. Tools are standard: hammer, screw drivers, pliers, knifes, etc. Somewhere in this mess there is battery powered boring machine and in the storage area there is small grinder.

I think that storage area is the most equip one of all. Drovers, containers, cable rack, etc. where were pretty cheap, most of them are homemade. In boxes on lower shelves I keep old devices, parts and materials for future projects. In red drovers I keep all the electronics parts (resistors, capacitors, ICs, etc.). In blue drover I keep screws and some other small mechanical pieces. I also got here an oscilloscope. It is old, in need of calibrations, but it can still kick ass!

I am keeping everything that involves chemicals (cleaning solutions, etching chemicals, etc.) in plastic closet. I keep all that in plastic in case of chemical leaking (plastic is more resistant to acids than metal or wood). It is not much to see in that closet.