Outside Storage Box – Part I

Written by: gadgetguru


Is your backyard cluttered with toys, tools, gardening tools, etc? Don’t have room for a shed? Need some outside storage for your apartment balcony? Well this little storage box might be the answer for you.

Its can be as simple as making a plywood box with a lid or you can get creative with your design like I did. With some left over ¼” plywood strips, I was able to create a fun little design to my box. The challenge is making it water proof. I used roofing paper and wrapped the frame of the box, kind of like a Christmas present. To add another barrier against leaking, I glued the plywood strips to one another. The third and final barrier is to water proof it with a deck waterproofer.

Hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing in an attempt to organize your backyard.

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