Educational Robot kit for Beginners

Written by: techie

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mBot is an educational robot kit for beginners to get hands-on experience about graphical programming, electronics, and robotics. It is an all-in-one solution for robotics learning and designed for STEM education.

Step 1: Part lists

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Mechanical parts


  • 1*Metal Base Plate
  • 2*TT Gear Motor
  • 2*Wheel
  • 2*Tyre
  • 1*Plastic Universal Wheel
  • 1*Magic Tape 20*30mm
  • 6*Brass Stud M4*25
  • 14*Socket Cap Screw M4*8
  • 6*Nut M4
  • 4*Nut M3
  • 4*Philip's Head Screw M3*25
  • 2*Tapping Screw M2.2*9.5

Step 2: Electronic modules

Picture of Electronic modules

  • 1*Arduino Based Control Board
  • 1*Me Ultrasonic Sensor V3.0
  • 1*Me Line Follower V2.2
  • 1*Me Infrared Controller
  • 1*Bluetooth
  • 1*Battery Holder for (4)AA
  • 4*RJ25 Cable
  • 1*USB A-Male to B-Male Cable

mCore main control board


  • DC Power Jack
  • 2-pin Connector for Lithium Battery
  • USB Type-B Connector
  • RJ25 Port
  • IR Receiver
  • IR Emitter
  • Motor Port
  • Light Sensor

Step 3: Assembly

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First use screws to fix the motor on the metal base plate. Then add the tyre on the wheel, and fix the two wheels on the left and right side of the metal base plate.

Then add the plastic universal wheel on the line follower module and the fix them on the metal base plate by using the screws.

Step 4:

Picture of mbotIMG_0944.JPGmbotIMG_0958.JPG

Then fix the Ultrasonic Sensor module on the smile surface of the metal base plate and add four brass studs in order to support the mCore board above the metal base plate.

After that, use the magic tape to connect the battery holder and the metal base plate.

Step 5:

Picture of mbotIMG_0964.JPG

Finally, fix the mCore board above the four brass studs and then use RJ25 cable to connect the terminal2 and ultrasonic sensor module, another RJ25 cable is used for connecting the terminal3 and the line follower module. (Note: The Bluetooth module and the Arduino Base Control Board are fixed together already in the mCore).

After 10 minutes of assembling process, a complete robot car – mBot is finished.

Step 6: Using mBlock graphical programming software to learn program


mBlock is a free modified version of Scratch 2.0 developed by MIT Media Lab. Added some hardware-related blocks based on the original Scratch, mBlock enables users to read sensors, control motors and even the whole robot with ease.

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