Educate a girl child and change the world

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Goal: Educate a child to stand on their own feet & Stop cycle of poverty in India.


PROBLEM STATEMENT: This project protects Girls from Child marriages, Trafficking, Domestic Servants, and Eradication of illiteracy and provides good quality education. From this unique project deprived girl children get timely education material support, uniforms, shoes, footwear, test papers, dictionary, and school bags.

NEED OF THE PROJECT: Literacy is the primary building block for poverty reduction and human development. It provides a window of opportunities for effective and social and economic growth. Some areas are very backward. The literacy rate of girls over 15 years of age is as low as 10% in most of these target areas of our intervention.


GOAL: Educate a child to stand on their own feet & stop cycle of poverty-India

PROJECT TYPE: Sponsorship/ Education

OPERATION AREA: Krishnagiri District, Tamilnadu,India

BENEFICIARIES: Orphan, semi -orphan, poorest & Needy children, vulnerable children,abused infected & affected with HIV and AIDS, children with unsupportive and abused parents or father, never been to school or drop outs.

OBJECTIVES: •Enrolling identified children into schools & ensure regular attendance and 100% of pass out in the next academic level. •To pay their school fee, and other educational supplies to all children. •Counselling, mentoring, and follow between schools and families. •To teach NVC, establish NVC Children's Clubs of practice groups by staff mentoring supports.

OUTCOMES: • 100% of children get benefits and enrolled in to school and pass to next level • 60 children are paid their school fee directly and get educational supplies with medical care. • 100 % of drop out reduced and eradicate child labour .

HOW DO WE SPEND THE FUNDS? • Pay their school & evening tutoring fee • 2 set of School dress materials, • 1 set of footwear /shoes • Transportation cost • Educational materials • Emergency, Medical & health care supports • Leadership skills and NVC teaching skills


Per Child Cost: To support education of a child for a year cost @ 200 USD (@ 200 USD x 1 child x 1 year )

Overall cost To support education of 60 children for one one year Cost @ 12,000 USD ( @200 USD x 60 children x 1 year)

PAYMENT PROCEDURE: Cheque made in the name of Academic Adoption Program, Kenosis Foundation.

BANK DETAILS: Please contact us if you like to donate online for following details Name of Organization: kenosis Foundation Bank Account Name: kenosis Foundation Account Number: Type of Account: SWIFT Code: IFSC Code: CIF Number: Branch Code: Bank Address:

Yours Sincerely, ISSAC RAYAPPAN Founder & Director Kenosis Foundation Bangalore,Karnataka State, South India Mobile No: (+91) 9900724842 Skype: