An easy way to hang string lights outside

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Picture this, sitting outdoors with a drink at dusk, surround by the soft glow of string lights gently swaying in the breeze as the evening creeps its way to darkness. Does this sound like one of those unforgettable holiday moments, one that you recall from time to time and would love to relive?

Well now that Spring has arrived, how about recreating that feeling in your own garden? Cheap string lights could be the missing ingredient to help transform your space into a calm oasis that you will relish sitting in — leaving you to enjoy the longer spring evenings, even after dark.

Hanging up lights has never been this easy! Here's a video to show you how it's done!


Step 1: What you'll need for this project

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No drills, no mess, no fuss — all you'll need for this project is a set of string lights and a pack of Sugru (and a pair of scissors!)

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Step 2: Divide your Sugru

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TIP: one single use sachet of Sugru is enough to create five Sugru hooks.

Before opening your Sugru, measure out the length of your lights along the wall, or where you plan to hang them up. Work out how many hooks you will need.

Now cut open your pack of Sugru and divide it into five equal parts, rolling each piece into a small ball.

TIP: after opening you've got 30mins to work with the Sugru, so there's no need to rush :)

Step 3: Creating your Sugru hooks

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For this project we created Sugru hooks along on a brick wall, but Sugru sticks to loads of materials you'll found outside in your backyard — from brick, concrete, wood, glass, ceramics and most plastics — so you can hang your lights exactly where you want them to be... along the fence or a wall, around a tree, or up the side of your house (we'll leave that bit up to you!)

  • Pinch a pea-sized piece from one of your Sugru pieces
  • Smudge this piece onto the wall to form a Sugru base layer.

(Sugru bonds super strong to itself, and because Sugru is mouldable you can fill weird gaps easily.)

  • Take one of the Sugru balls and roll it into a small Sugru-sausage and press onto the base layer.
  • Shape the Sugru using a pinch and press method with your fingers.
  • Then bend the Sugru sausage upwards into a hook shape.

TIP: remember the effect gravity will have on this. The Sugru hook will droop a little while curing, so you may want to over-compensate the hook shape a little, so that it cures into the right shape.

For quick video guides on these techniques, head over to


  • Repeat these steps to create the number of hooks you need. One single use sachet of Sugru is enough to make 5 hooks.

Step 4: 24 hours later...

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In 24 hours the Sugru will have cured into a tough and durable rubber hooks (still with a little flex). Once cured, Sugru will stand up to anything the weather throws at it, wet or dry, hot or cold! Plus it won't rust like metal hooks.

So you can now easily hang up your string lights — creating a lovely warm and inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy the longer and warmer nights.

Share photos if you try this idea yourself! And head over to to discover loads more Sugru ideas to get your outside space ready for Spring.

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