Shoe Tying Education Aid

Written by: techie

Picture of Shoe Tying Education Aid

It's about time your kid learned to tie his shoes. But it is kind of hard to wear your shoe all around the house to practice tying, though. So here is an easy, DIY version of the cardboard shoe sold in stores, so your kid can practice tying his shoes!

Step 1: Trace Foot

Picture of Trace FootIMG_0294.jpgIMG_0295.jpg

Trace your foot, please. Use yours, not your young ones, so the "shoe" is large enough for small hands to carry. Outline with sharpie, please!!

Step 2: Decorate

Picture of DecorateIMG_0296.jpg

Decorate your foot as you please. Try to make a tongue, so your child will have an idea on where the "bow" will go!

Step 3: Cut it Out

Picture of Cut it OutIMG_0299.jpg

Cut out your "shoe". I recommend using an EXACTO knife, but scissors will do perfectly fine! Make sure there are clean cuts all around.

Step 4: Hole Punch!

Picture of Hole Punch!

Hole punch four holes on each side, where the normal holes on shoes would be.

Step 5: Teach Your Tot to Tie!

Picture of Teach Your Tot to Tie!IMG_0302.jpgIMG_0303.jpg

Use String. 'Nuff said!