k’nex space alien battle ship

Written by: techguru

Picture of k'nex space alien battle ship



knex video from www139 on Vimeo.Hey everyone! www139 here. Our 6 year old brother made a k'nex space ship! He made the thing [almost] absolutely by himself and not with his k'nexing brothers (well maybe here and there)!and he wanted to share it with you guys!



Blue               56
yellow:           53
white:             24
light grey:      5
red:                 2


grey:              58
red:                44
yellow:          36
green:           30
white:             5
blue:               1


3 green cones
5 green hubs

If you have all those parts, then fly (or scroll) on down to see the rest!

PS:  sorry! no instructions  :} 

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