Dead Space Plasma Cutter

Written by: techguru

Picture of Dead Space Plasma Cutter

This is a prop of the plasma cutter from the game Dead Space 2. It is not an exact replica, but it is recognizable. I constructed it from foam board and painted it to look like scratched, dented metal. I plan on hanging it up on my wall next to my Minecraft sword and pickaxe.  I plan on making more props in he future. All-metal Sonic Screwdrivers, anyone?

Step 1: Materials And ToolsStep 1: Materials And Tools

Picture of Materials And Tools

Foam Board
Template(can be just a picture of the plasma cutter in the size you want to make it)


Step 2: Cut The Foam

Position the template on the foam board. Trace it onto the board and cut out the shape. I ended up having to make the front and back seperate and attaching them during assembly, as I was using scraps of foam from a previous project. Repeat multiple times to make about 4 of the shape, depending on how thick the board is and how thick you want the prop to be. My 4 pieces are not all identical, to create depth and details, but you can just add these details during assembly.

Step 3: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Glue together the layers. Add details by gluing on foam pieces or carving them out with a craft knife.

Step 4: Paint

Picture of Paint

Use a paint of your choice, as long as you make sure it will not dissolve the foam. The colors I used were: Metallic grey- for most of the body Dark grey- details Black- details Brown (copper would have been better)- handle Silver- scratches and dents I painted the entire thing metallic grey first, then added details in black, dark grey, and brown details. Use a picture from the game as an example. The final touch was the silver paint, brushed lightly on the plasma cutter in a quick motion to create the illusion of scratches. The plasma cutter is complete. Show it off to your friends.