Cheap Electric Boat

Written by: techie

Picture of Cheap Electric Boat

I build this little electric boat out of mostly garbage.

This would be great to build with and kid and let them play with it.

Step 1: Building

Picture of Buildingphoto-2015-03-23, 12:15 AM.jpgphoto-2015-03-23, 12:15 AM.jpgphoto-2015-03-23, 12:16 AM.jpgphoto-2015-03-23, 12:16 AM.jpg

I build this boat using the following material.

Hot glue
Flat bottom plastic container
Metal food can lid
Servo motor

I use hot glue to attach the lid of the plastic container to the back. I mounted it to one side to make room for the water wheel. I cut 16 slots around the metal lid and bent them to form paddles. I glued the water wheel to the motor. I glued the motor to the lid. I soldered the wires and used a connecter as a switch.

I glued a piece pf pop bottle on the bottom as a rudder to make the boat go in circles.

Step 2: Boating

Picture of Boatingphoto-2015-03-23, 12:15 AM.jpg

My boat keeps going to circles and is great for the bathtubs. It can go for hours without hitting the walls.