Using actions to create an abstract space image.

Written by: roboguru

Picture of Using actions to create an abstract space image.

Hi, today we are going to make an abstract space image using actions and public domain images.

Step 2: Make new document

Picture of Make new document

Open photoshop, make new document (1920x1280 px; 72 dpi)

Step 3: Place image of skies

Picture of Place image of skies

Go to file-place-place image of skies.

Step 4: Resize

Picture of Resize

Resize it to borders of document.

Step 5: Rasterize

Picture of Rasterize

Click on layer and rasterize layer.

Step 6: Placing the image of space

Picture of Placing the image of space

Do the same operation with space image

Step 7: Black and white.

Picture of Black and white.

Go to image-adjustment-black&white. Play a little with parameters.

Step 8: Invert

Picture of Invert

Select layer of skier and use ctrl-i keys combination to invert your image.





Step 9: Blending mode

Picture of Blending mode

Change blending mode of space layer to "overlay".





Step 10: Using action

Picture of Using action

Use the "heatwave 75%" action from Hollywood Divas by Florin Gorgan set.





Step 11: Final.

Picture of Final.

So, our image is ready!

Thanks for you attention!

If you like the result, you can find some backgrounds made in the same way here: