Save Space and Combat the Mess

Written by: roboguru

Picture of Save Space and Combat the Mess

Instructables fans are busy and creative. May bring some chaos.

But we can combat the mess and save space, through creativity...

These steps are no Instructables, but presentations of various installations I made in this topic, to (maybe) give you some ideas.

Step 1: A Computer in the Shelf

Picture of A Computer in the ShelfIMG_8080.jpgIMG_8081.jpgIMG_8082.jpgIMG_8083.jpgIMG_8084.jpg

This Mac-mini has a foldable LCD screen mount (on hanging rails), and a drawer for the keyboard and mouse.

Step 2: A Nokia 770 in the Kitchen

Picture of A Nokia 770 in the KitchenIMG_0802.jpgIMG_3168.jpgIMG_0795.jpgIMG_0807b.jpgIMG_0811.jpgIMG_0801.jpgIMG_0808.jpg

It is nice to have recipes (among which, of Instructables) on hand and online while cooking.

This Nokia 770 wifi tablet is mounted inside a sliding trapdoor under a kitchen shelf.

Step 3: A Sliding Panel for Brooms and Umbrellas

Picture of A Sliding Panel for Brooms and UmbrellasIMG_1819.jpgIMG_1827.jpgIMG_1830.jpgIMG_1820.jpgIMG_1817.jpgIMG_1833.jpg

The sweeping brooms and umbrellas are at our disposal in the entrance hall.

A bottle filled with water, in a bag, gives the force to pull it back.

The umbrellas holder is made of a sawed plastic box.

Step 4: A Pivoting Sweeper Holder

Picture of A Pivoting Sweeper Holdersnap.jpgIMG_3159.jpgIMG_2502.jpgIMG_2504.jpgIMG_3149.jpgIMG_3155.jpgIMG_3158.jpg

This sweeper can hide in its 2-inches-wide cranny.

Step 5: A Recharging Organizing Shelf

Picture of A Recharging Organizing ShelfIMG_3172b.jpg

A recharging and storage place for the common portable electronic devices, keys, sunglasses, etc.

It is made of an horizontal CD shelf, to which I added many mains plugs, and mounted vertically.