My Space

Written by: roboguru

Picture of My Space

Well, this is my space, Where all the creative going on takes place.

From inspiration to the final results, this is where it usually happens!

I lay it's glory and shortcomings before you to ponder, poke, prod, scrutinize,  laugh at, and of course to see.




Step 1: Behold!

Picture of Behold!

Pictured here is the entire space, from top to bottom numbered and catalogued just for you!

I have put alot of work into making this space, and am always looking for new and creative things to try.
My space is kind of a project in itself, always changing or modifying something around here. Alot of the stuff you will see was made in this space, for this space!

I do just about every hobby/leisure activity I can think of around this little area. Soldering, sewing, drawing, playing games, watching movies, playing guitar, listening to music, making nets, painting, browsing, thinking, tinkering, fixing, breaking, and just plain old making.

When i'm not doing any of that, I am usually thinking of ways to improve my space!

Some details on the photos -

On picture one and two...

1.Custom laminate anti-gravity shelves hold everything up forming a desk like surface.
On top of these shelves you will find the usual - Monitor, keyboard, and mouse for writing instructables and finding inspiration on the www or just having fun. Also works for a soldering station and workbench.

2. Handmade coin receptical from pottery class. Holds all that loose change!

3. Is tub of honey roasted peanuts, providing protein, salt, and sugar all in one, to keep the hunger pains away while I'm too busy to cook.

4. Is my high frequency noise emitters for playing all the greatest tunes!

On picture three...

5. State of the art high-speed modem with a custom cooling device.

On picture four...

Custom made from recycled furniture computer stand - with NASA approved shimming device (also known as folded paper) to keep things nice and level.

7. This accompanies number 4 and is my low frequency emitter, and again is for all the greatest tunes!

8. Custom stickers and cooling vents make this computer made for blazing fast speed. The stickers also help hold it together.

On picture five...

A scrap piece of wood, custom painted and serves many purposes. From net making loom to measuring device, with premeasures one inch squares all over it.

10.  Custom made hat with bilt in headphones.

On picture six...

11. Graphing calculator for doing all those mind bending equations!

12. A handy pocket knife and atomic mm measurement device.

13. A handy flightstick for taking off into the stratosphere.

14. I think everyone has one of these, a container full of pens, pencils, markers, hiliters, chopsticks, metal slurpee straws, scissors, and a hair pick/comb combination.

On picture seven...

 This is number 10 from before, in a better shot. The 'Headphone Hat' in all its glory. take it in folks...
One "bomber" style hat and my broken headphones and it was born!