Green Tilt-rotor aircraft.

Written by: roboguru

Picture of Green Tilt-rotor aircraft.

This is what I made during my free time in summer about 8 months ago and just putted this up now on 2/1/2013

I did not take pictures of my model when i was building it and it was too late when I realized I SHOULD'VE TAKEN PICTURES , so I can't show you step by step how to make a simple aircraft model of your own. Like i said it is simple. This model aircraft uses a toothpick frame and the skin is tissue paper. It is mostly made from paper and toothpick [97%]. It's rotors are movable and the engines can be tilted.

Anyway I'll just show you all the pics of the late stages of building it to its full completion.

I was thinking of making a much better one it with a small motor so it could fly and show you all step by step how to do that. Tell me if you like this model aircraft and my question is.... Should I make a better tilt rotor aircraft that can fly? or not?

Step 1: Frame covered with paper mache

Picture of Frame covered with paper mache

Cover the the frame with tissue paper the has been soaked with PVA glue. You can see in the right picture the vertical toothpick stick.
The surface of the model is not smooth and its rugged. It has to be coated with normal unwrinkled paper to make it smooth.

Step 2: Coat the model with piece of white paper.

Picture of Coat the model with piece of white paper.

Cut pieces of white normal paper and stick it on the surface of the model. Like that on the picture. Try to make the surface look as smooth as possible

Step 3: Fully covered model

Picture of Fully covered model

The model now looks much more smoother. Its ready to be painted

Step 4: PAINT!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of PAINT!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't have a metallic paint so i have to use an opaque paint that is suitable for plastic models. I had a silver metallic paint but i think I lost it.

Step 5: Nearly finished model!!!

Picture of Nearly finished model!!!

This one is nearly finished. I just needed to add the wheels.



Finish with wheels attached!!

I know I didn't explain a lot cause its not a tutorial anyway. Like I said I forgot to take a picture of it from the beginning so i can't make a 'How to'.

Anyway did you like my model? if yes thank you, If not......Ok

DID YOU GET INSPIRED? Please let me know.