EZ Robot Controlled Lost in Space B9 Robot

Written by: roboguru


This is my full sized exact replica of the 1960's TV show's Lost in Space B9 Robot. I've been building it for about 2 years now. It's animation is controlled by 3 EZ Robot control boards (EZB) and his voice files were made by the original TV voice actor Dick Tufeld. Most of the outside parts were made by venders and I assembled, painted and installed. However every thing inside  (With the exception of most of the control boards) was built by me. I did at times use other B9 robot builder's methods for structure as a guide but I had to make it all work together. Power and wiring and logic was all me. This is just a quick show case of what I've built so far. All is complete except designing the arms and more of the more complex animation and voice routines. Using the EZ Robot Control boards I have Voice control and response, camera motion tracking, face reconnection and can write simple scripts for complex animation routines. With the EZB I can also control all servo and DC motor movement through scripts or voice commands. Here's the link if anyone would like to take a look or try this amazing Robot Control system:  http://www.ez-robot.com/