The Space Bar

Written by: admin@makezilla

Picture of The Space Bar

In the interest of making your keyboard less boring, I wanted to bring the final frontier to your fingertips. Not to mention some silly wordplay. Houston, we have a rocking space bar.

This simple and quick keyboard mod took more time to dry than paint, and it can be easily customized. Want to feature Saturn? UFOs? More nebulae? You got it, Neil. You drive this spaceship.

Step 1: Remove key

Picture of Remove keyspace bar 005.jpg

Most all keys are built to pop out, so don't worry about breaking anything. Take something small and sturdy to use as a lever (I used my keys) and ease it out.

Sand very lightly with fine sandpaper. This helps the paint bond to the surface.

Step 2: Paint

Picture of Paintspace bar 009.jpgspace bar 008.jpgspace bar 010.jpgspace bar 012.jpg

Now it's time to have some creative fun! 

I used some basic acrylic paint, mixed liberally and often with water, and used a very fine-tipped paintbrush along with a toothpick to make those smaller stars. 

Using a picture I found online, I worked off of the image adding a lot of watery layers of color to my space bar to give the Milky Way more depth. I wanted to get the background colors right, before drawing in any stars.

When you feel good about the base layer, start dotting on your stars. Some can be watery distant universes, others bolder and brighter blue supergiants, and others tiny toothpick-drawn stars to add depth. This is space after all - try and capture it's infinity

Step 3: Protect

Picture of Protect

When astronauts are in space, they need protection against the elements. Your space bar also needs protection. Once your universe has dried, grab a can of spray clear enamel and cover your space bar with a light layer. 

And I think it's gonna be a long, long time till touchdown brings you round to find...this clear layer has dried. 8 hours, in fact. Wait it out Rocket Man

Step 4: Pop back in

Picture of Pop back inspace bar 037.jpg

Once it's dry, pop your key back into your keyboard and admire your work. Now you can type to infinity and beyond!

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for maker-kind.