Space Efficient Gardening Rack

Written by: admin@makezilla

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Have you got a small balcony and you can't garden there?

Have you got backache and you can't bend?

With our system all your gardening problems are solved.

This system makes it possible to save space on your balcony

and it can als adjust to different heights.

the advantages on a row
- makes it easy to garden on a comfortable height 
ergonomic fold (user should not bend, just simple slide forward and backward)
- doesn't takes much place when it's in the vertical position (so when you're not gardening)
- you only need a few tools (only a drill, saw, meter and pencil)
- you don't need much materials and they are easy to find
- doesn't damage the balcony
- easy to attach and remove
- you can easyily customize this design for balcony's with different heights, by choosing other dimensions

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need


- (1x) Plank

- (1x) Axl

- (1x) Beam

- (16x) L-profile

- (±30x) Screws

- (6x) Straps

- (3x) Pots 

- (6x) Bolt Nut


- Saw

- Drill

- Pencil

- Meter

Step 2: Measure & saw the frame

Picture of Measure & saw the frame

Measure the shelf and saw the four pieces for the frame.

Be sure to use the correct measures of your railing or the place where you are going to install the system.

You can choose the dimensions of your system  as you prefer.

Surely, try not to cut yourself.

Step 3: Drill

Picture of Drill

Drill the holes for the axl and for the bolts.

Remember for this system you always need one axl but the number of pots can be changed.

Step 4: Assemble the frame

Picture of Assemble the frame

Screw the L- profiles to the planks.

Be sure to make it stable.

You can do it!

Step 5: Insert the bolts

Picture of Insert the bolts

Now the frame is almost done, you only have to insert the bolts in the holes you made before.

Tighten them good to the plank using the nuts.

Congratulations your frame is done.

Step 6: Drill the pots and assemble them

Picture of Drill the pots and assemble them

You almost finished the gardening rack system.

Now you have to drill holes in both sides of the pots, now slide them over the bolts on the rack

Be sure the bolt is long enough!

TIP: You can also look for other things to use to plant flowers/herbs/vegetables in, for example planting bags

Step 7: Measure & saw the rails

Picture of Measure & saw the rails

Now you have to make the piece which is going to be attached to the railing.

Measure and saw it in four different pieces.

Step 8: Assemble the rails

Picture of Assemble the rails

Attach the pieces together, use screws for this.

Remember, you need two of those rails!

Those rails were the last two pieces, your system is done!!





Step 9: Step 9: Secured to the railing

Picture of Step 9: Secured to the railing

Finally, you only have to attach the system to the railing.

Don't forget to plant plants, vegetables or herbes! That's why we build the system isn't it?!

Easy right?

Enjoy it!