Mosaic Space Book Nook

Written by: admin@makezilla

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Create a book nook or play area in an unused space under your stairs! This space was a storage space in our basement!


Frames, built ins, and trim:



Table saw



Broken tiles, colored glass (preferably upcycled scrap from a stained glass store)

Mastic tile adhesive

Weldbond glue


Plastic wrap

Grout (I used black and biscuit) and tile sponge for applying grout

(If this is your first time mosaicing...see also my Instructable on Mosaic Stairs for more detailed materials and step by step instructions!)

Finishing Touches

Foam floor puzzle pads



Curtain and curtain rod

Step 1: Come up with a theme

Picture of Come up with a theme

We settled on "Space" and decided on a cheap way to cover the and purple paint, handmade built ins, recycled glass and tile, lots of glue, a rug, some pillows, and a curtain and rod. Total cost was about $200.

My husband created the built ins and did the finishing and painting work. I was responsible for the mosaic art and design.

Step 2: Sweat Equity!

Picture of Sweat Equity!image.jpg

It took time and patience to do the glass work, but one piece at a time, our vision came together!

If you are new to mosaicing and would like to see a step by step Instructable on that particular process, see my Mosaic Stairs Instructable!). Otherwise, below are some tips that I found useful as I worked through this project.

I used mastic adhesive for the heavier tiles (just basic ceramic black tiles for the space part and black and biscuit colored tiles for the sign above the door).

I used Weldbond glue for the glass planets and the "To Infinity And Beyond" mini signs. It was also easier to create the planets on cut out circles of mesh (the mesh that some glass tiles come on at home improvement stores...I save this when I buy glass or tile!). Glue it to the mesh over plastic wrap, let the glue dry, and peel off the plastic. Then glue to a vertical surface...saves a lot of frustration!

The three framed signs (the one above the doorway and the two above the built ins) were cut and framed by my husband, then I mosaiced, glued, and grouted on a horizontal surface. When they were done, he just simply drilled the frames into place with nails!

Step 3: Upcycle and Save!

Picture of Upcycle and Save!

We put children's puzzle pads under the rug to make it more confortable. These came from a thrift store, and the rug was from a discount store. Pillows were from yard sales or thrift stores as well as the Star Wars lunch box! We added push lights, and we'll be letting our daughters decorate with glow in the dark stars as they get older! Finally, we like they play on words and the overall message: "One Small Step" from Neil Armstrong since this is space after all, but it is also literally a space under stairs, and "To Infinity and Beyond" via Buzz Lightyear for our whimsical and dreamy side! The message together, "One Small Step To Infinity and Beyond" reminds us that we control our future but can take it in any direction...especially through the power of reading, but that's the English teacher in me!