Modular Space Divider

Written by: admin@makezilla


Using cut-off waste material to produce a new product. Red Cedar wood is known for his good smell and soft feeling. This modular space divider, used in bathrooms, will give an extra sense of relaxation to your bath time experience. Steam makes sure that the woods smell increases whilst no piece has the same color and gives a nice optical contrast because of this tone difference. You can use it as a space divider or a wall covering to give the wall, the room and yourself that little bit 'extra'.

The prototype was hand made but can be generated by laser cutting for higher volume.

The biggest problem in this project was to find a modular shape that fit's in the wooden cedar pieces. After a process of trial and error where paper pieces were made, I finally found this shape which is based upon a styled and basic shape of a tree. After the paper prototype, i made the pieces in a harder material called 'kadapak' to see how each piece connect with each other in a larger collection. After i was satisfied, i started to make 20 pieces or so by hand. A step by step guide is included in the pictures.