Lego Space Invader Belt

Written by: admin@makezilla

Picture of Lego Space Invader BeltP1110080.JPG

This is a idea that I got when i saw a belt buckle that was just Legos stuck together in a square formation. But I wanted something a little more creative so I made my own and though I would share it with you 

thing your going to need 
1. legos
2. drill
3. cloth belt 
4. super glue
5. nail
6. candle 
7. thread and needle 
8. screw and a loop or a coat hanger

Step 1: Brick Formation

Picture of Brick FormationP1100017.JPG

take your legos, what ever color you want and make a space invader of any kind, i picked this one because i thought it would work as a belt the best

Step 2: Now glue the bricks

Picture of Now glue the bricksP1100020.JPGP1100019.JPG

next take a part your invader (but be careful to remember the way it was) and put some super glue on each brick and stick them together in the right order

Step 3: Glue in order and wait

Picture of Glue in order and waitP1100035.JPG

after you have glued the bricks together wait and check to see if it holds up good enough if so drill 3 holes in it, two for the loop and one for the screw

Step 4: Enter The Brick

Picture of Enter The BrickP1100043.JPGP1100049.JPGP1100050.JPG

after you have drilled the holes put a little glue on the loop and screw and fit them in their places

Step 5: Attaching your belt

Picture of Attaching your beltP1110055.JPG

the belt i chose was cloth and tough, and attaching it to the loop was easy. the kinda belt to use should be easy to cut but not to easy. attach it by sewing it around the loop

Step 6: Burn holes

Picture of Burn holesP1110068.JPGP1110074.JPG

now your guna need holes for your belt screw to fit in to, i made these holes with a hot nail. Why a hot nail? Because it leaves a clean hole and its much easer than using a hole punch

Step 7: Step 7 Try it on

Picture of Step 7 Try it onP1110081.JPG

now try it on and see if you need to burn more holes, if not your done enjoy