Futuristic Space Door

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I always wanted a door like the ones in the movies about space. but i never had a doorway i could put one on. so when i decided to split my garage in half for a wood shop, i decided this was the place for the door. when i first started drawing it up i wanted it to be a electric pocket door type door. but since the wall it would go into is curved, i just made it open normal. i first drew it as a 2 door but i didn't need 2 doors and saved on material.

materials needed...

1 - sheet of 3/4 pressed board

1 - sheet of 1/4 Masonite or luan plywood

white plexiglass

clear plexiglass

wood glue

screws or nails



aluminum pipe for handle

aluminum flat plate for push handle


led lights, wire, 12v power supply

Tools needed...

circular saw


table saw


screw gun

straight edge


jig saw

counter sink bit

painting tools

tape measure and pencil

Step 1:

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cutting this wood makes a lot of dust, just so you know. once you decide on the size for your door, lay out your design. clamp them together and cut out your design. do not over cut your lines. after cutting everything you can with the circular saw, finish cuts with jig saw. then remove the masonite and set a side.

Step 2:

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now on your 3/4 sheet of wood, mark your window openings a 1/2 bigger. then router it out the thickness of the plexiglass. [[[i routered the one in the photo before cutting the corners with the jig saw. it made it harder on the router.]]] then measure your plexiglass and cut it on the table saw with a good blade [[[PROTECT YOUR EYES!]]] now is a good time to put a coat of paint on all the wood, making sure you get all the edges. after it drys you can silicone the plexiglass in place.

Step 3:

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next i glued and nailed the 2 pieces together. then i put the 2nd coat of paint on them. then mask off your design and start painting it, remove the tape carefully as soon as your done. don't let paint dry or it will bleed under tape. then hang your door. pending on your design this step will very. i then added a 2 inch piece of wood to the non opening door as a stop.

Step 4:

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i found this pipe in my garage and thought it would be a good handle. i drilled it with a counter sink bit to make it look a little more futuristic. and to make a push plate i toke a piece of flat aluminum cut it to size and used the counter sink to make some holes. i then used my gasket cleaning tool to give it a different look.

Step 5:

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i then had to draw some stuff on it. i put green led lights around the inside of the door and hooked them into the garage door opener. so when i open the door or some body crosses the beam the will light up.i still need to finish the wall and trim but i think i done with the door.

Thanks for viewing my instructable.