Pet Suit

Written by: roboguru

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OK, so i'ts snowing outside (It still is in Ohio) and you what to keep your pet inside. But, there is a problem. That is... Animals will relieve themselves wherever and whenever. This is a pretty easy solution, and I'm sure people have come up with it. Anyway , this is what you do.

Step 1: step 1

Picture of step 1

4 safety pins
1 diaper
1 baby shirt  * use your judgment (assuming you have good judgement) to determine the size 

Step 2: Step 2

Picture of Step 2

put on the shirt (preferably on the goat)
Put the diaper on the goat *you may need to cut a tail hole depending on your animal
Safety pin the two diaper..uh..clasps? together
Safety pit the shirt to the diaper ( you can do it at any place and use more safety pins)
Take pics of your pets and comment them on this 'ible. 

Step 3: Taffy

Picture of Taffy

You might have been thinking "what the heck is that?" It is, in fact, a goat. In this picture, it is less than a week old. It was born in Late January, while the state of Ohio was plagued by the blistering cold weather. We just couldn't put poor Taffy into the cold, cold barn so we outfitted her with this diaper and shirt. It was such a fun experience, and it is worth the trouble of constantly changing the diaper!