Office Supply Sun Visor Phone Holder

Written by: roboguru

Picture of Office Supply Sun Visor Phone Holder

I am going to show you how you can make a nifty phone/media player/gps holder from a couple of office supplies. I don't take credit for this idea, just something cool that I had seen and thought was so cool that I had to make one too.

This is a super simple, multi-functional, sleekly styled device holder that will take you about ten minutes to make.
Without further ado, let's have a look at how it is done.

Step 1: Stuff to Find

Picture of Stuff to Find

In order to make this device holder. you will need to find the following list of things (I know, it is a long list)

  • A large paper clamp (The biggest size)
  • an elastic band
  • some shrink wrap
  • a lighter (or a candle)

Some tools that are helpful, but not strictly required

  • A vice oops, I meant vise. None of us need more vices.
  • some scissors or an x-acto knife

I know that some of these items might be difficult to locate, if you are having trouble finding them, then you should probably ask for an adults assistance.

Step 2: Bend

Picture of BendDSC02798.JPG

Okay, the first step is to bend the clips. If you have access to a vice, this is probably the easiest option. (A drawer will work too, filing cabinets are weak, try a desk drawer.)
Leave them attached to the body as it gives you a better leverage for bending.

Bend it as shown on both sides. Don't worry if you bent one the wrong way. We can fix that. 

Once they are bent then you can remove them from the main body. Do this by placing them in the open position and squeezing the clip until the catch clears the main housing.

Step 3: Protect your Goods

DSC02809.JPGPicture of Protect your Goods

.Now it is time to wrap the metal in order to protect our devices.

With the clips removed, cut four one inch strips of heat shrink tubing. Work these into position, each one should cover the bends that we just made. One to a side, two per clip.

Once they are positioned, heat with a lighter or a candle until the shrinking has tightened the rubber to the clip snugly. You will want to keep the area of heat in constant motion, you do not want to burn the rubber.

You could simply wrap the ends in electrical tape, but this makes a nicer finish and the rubber adds extra grip as well.

Once the bends are covered, you can put the clip back together. Just do the inverse of  how you removed them.

Step 4: Backwards Pressure

Picture of Backwards Pressure

Almost done. Now we just wrap an elastic around the two clip armatures to provide the device clip with some holding pressure, and we are finished.

Now go clip it to something and let it hold your device for you. I use mine attached to my sun visor for holding my phone. It puts the phone in the perfect position for talking using hands free. It is also a perfect spot for viewing without disrupting my field of view out the windshield.

Step 5: Final Thoughts

Picture of Final ThoughtsDSC02815.JPGDSC02821.JPGDSC02829.JPGDSC02830.JPG

This is a great little project that has loads of room for improvement while not actually requiring any. It works great, it is strong, and best yet, dirt cheap(actually, dirt probably costs more).

Another benefit is that it holds all sizes of devices.

By adding two regular paper clips bent like little feet it makes a decent desktop holder as well. This will still work, but I found a better solution to turn it into a nice desk stand by using a single added paperclip.. (see photos)

Just place one paperclip behind the elastic (it will dangle loosely), flip it forward when you want to stand your device on a desk.

The clip is a strong one, and it would probably be a good idea to line the inside with some rubber or something soft to protect the surfaces that you might want to attach it to.