Office supply glider

Written by: roboguru

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Silly little glider made from office junk. 

you'll need 
foam core board 
double sided tape 
bamboo skewer 
and a paper clip 

Btw this isn't my first instructable, flame on 

Step 1: strip the foam core

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soak the foam core in some water with a bit of soap for about 2 hours. You can then fairly easily peel off the paper facing, you want to use the 3mm foamcore if you have it but thicker should work. 

Step 2: cut some wings

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I didn't measure, the wings are about 3x16 inches each, I then scored a couple of parallel lines under each wing with a blunt pencil to add some camber to the wings.

Step 3: Make the body

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The body consists of a bamboo skewer split in half and a piece of foam core folded into an angle with wings. attach the skewer to the piece of foam.

Step 4: attach the body to the wings


The wings are joined together with some scotch tape and the body attached with double sided tape. With care assembly can result with a little dihedral in the wing.

Step 5: Make a canard

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The canard is bigger than a business card sized, too big and the weight needed at the front is excessive, too small and the lift is insufficient.

Step 6: Balance

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Balance with a paperclip on the skewer. No i can't give an exact location.

Step 7: Find a high place

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And throw it off.


Yes it's a canard, every one of my co-employees said "but it's flying backwards" arrgh!