How to hack your office chair to play guitar

Written by: roboguru

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For those who play guitar, armrest in the chair is disruptive - that side where you lay the guitar over your leg. So, I bring some ideas of how to modify you office chair to adapt when you play guitar.

See a video for the final result.

Step 1: Drilling and cutting the armrest

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After you remove the armrest from the chair (picture 1-3) you should make the holes for the new system. Then, remove the the bright ornament - unscrew it.

We'll need three holes inside this part: one central for the pivot and two others for the lock - picture 4. Remove the central structure either. Remember, make the hokes before you cut it - I don't do it and I had to much work to keep aligned after that.

To make the holes, use a drill and make sure they are aligned. For the pivot you'll use a big screw. For the locker two thin screws. So, choose the drill that fits exactly the screws. Make another hole for the nut that will hold the pivot. See the pictures 5 and 6.

After that, just cut as near as you can - picture 5.

In this case, picture are better then the text explanation! :)

Step 2: Preparing the system

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The system I planed will use the ornament to lock the armrest. Here, we need some extra parts.

I used a jar lid to hold the screws for the lock. There are short screws that are not necessary in the pictures, just forget them. Make sure the holes fits the lock the you prepare.

In the screw that holds the ornament, we will use a spring (strong one) the will help to move the locker.

Test the compression to keep all items working.

In the ornament I put another screw nut to apply more pressure inside the system. I've used plastic glue. Silicon may also works.

Step 3: Testing

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Now screw down the ornament and adjust the two thin screws for the locker. See pictures 1 and 2.

After checked, put the pivot (picture 3) and the nut.

Now check the whole system. Keep the pivot tight enough to be able to move without shaking - picture 4 and 5.

Step 4: Assembling

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Now you just need to turn back the armrest in your office chair. Note that there was no marks or anything that provides evidence of this work in your chair :)

Watch the video at beginning to see the system working.

I hope you enjoy!