Cheap Pet’s leash

Written by: roboguru

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This is my first Instructable!

All people that have big pets know how easily the leashes break  or wear out.
Replacing a pet's leash can sometimes be hard work to find exactly what you are looking for an for that matter also expensive.

This Instructable will help you to do your pet's own chip leash.

Step 1: Needed materials and tools

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You will need:

- A nice rope that withstand some heat (a good quality one is enough)
- Some metal wire (about 30 centimeters)
- One strong metal clip
- A wire cutter
- A pliers
- Some tape
- A hot air gun
- Some pieces of 25mm diameter shrinking tube
- A vice if possible

Step 2: Calculating the leash hand's lace

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Take the rope around your hand and take the end of the rope to the tip of your index finger. This step determines how much rope you need to have for your hand and harm size.

Step 3: Making the hands's lace

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Cut about 15 centimeters of wire and wrap it around the rope's hand lace.

Make at least three turns on the wire using the pliers. You can also press the wire afterwards with a vice so it would be tighter and stronger.

(The wire thickness depends on the thickness of the rope and pet size but is better to use thicker wire for safety reasons)

Step 4: Covering the hand'd lace

Picture of Covering the hand'd lace

take a couple of pieces of tape (about 5x2,5cm) and cover the V lace shape to the wire. this tape is optional and is needed for better finishing of the rope's lace.

Step 5: Clip attachment

Picture of Clip attachment

Insert one shrinking tube on the rope and pass the rope though the clip's loop.

Note: You may skip this if you choose not to do the finishing with shrinking tube.

Step 6: Finishing

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Move the shrinking tubes over the wire turns and use the hot air gun to hot shrink the tubes.
Attention! Take care of the rope's type because of temperature. There are some types of rope that are plastic base and cannot have to much temperature!

Note: If you want you can tho the leash finishing using just good quality tape over the wires.