Make a Birdy Backpack, to Carry a Pet Bird (or Two).

Written by: admin@makezilla

Picture of Make a Birdy Backpack, to Carry a Pet Bird (or Two).

Want to take your bird(s) out for a walk?  Attach a birdcage to a backpack frame.  Easy!

Step 1: Choose a Cage

Picture of Choose a Cage

Find a cage which suits your bird and is a good size for you to carry.

Step 2: Find a Backpack

Picture of Find a Backpack

I found a comfortable backpack with a light aluminium frame at a local charity shop.

Step 3: Attach the Cage to the Backpack

Picture of Attach the Cage to the Backpack

I found loops on my backpack which looked designed for attaching things to the pack.  So easy!  No need to modify anything.  I just used cable ties to attach the cage to the loops.

Step 4: Introduce the Birds (Gently!)

Picture of Introduce the Birds (Gently!)

I gave the birds a gentle introduction to the cage, by feeding them in it over a few days, followed by some slow even walks around the house and yard they already knew.  In the following days, I introduced the birds gradually to the world outside the front door, starting with very short walks and taking care not to freak them out.

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