DIY automatic pet water bowl filler

Written by: admin@makezilla

Picture of DIY automatic pet water bowl filler

This simple device automatically fills your pets water bowls. Ideal for when you planning a trip and worried your pets might run out of water.

Step 1: Parts needed :

With plumbing there is a wide range of products you can use in order to make thus device. I chose galvanised pipe as this stops device from floating around in water.

1. 3 half inch 90 degree elbows
2. Half inch pipe about 2 inches long
3. Half inch pipe about 7 inches long, this also depends on bucket used.
4. Toilet systern filler valve.
5. A type of means to connect to water supply. I used a flexible hose.

Step 2: Assembly

Assemble device as per picture making sure that you use thread tape or hemp to assure no leaks, you don't want container to overfill and waste water.
I would recommend doing pipe work first then attach valve.

Step 3: Connection

Once you are confident in your assembly you can check how it fits in your container and see that it won't topple over easily.
Attach device to water supply and open water. 
If container overflows you need to adjust valve so that float shuts off water at desired level.
Double check that there are no leaks.