Laserholic Pets

Written by: techguru

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Here is a simple way you can easily keep your pets entertained if they like to chase the 1mw red lasers.
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Step 1: Get all the parts

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1 Pet (preferably dog... or cat) 
1 Pet Jacket/Sweater 
1 Pack of Velcro Tape (radioshack has them) 
1 1 mw Laser (petco has them) 
1 Rubber Band 
1 Scissor

Step 2: Prepare the Velcro Tape

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Cut the soft side of the velcro tape into two pieces. Remove the plastic protecting the sticky underside and wrap it above and below the button on the laser. The velcro tape will need some trimming to remove the excess so it fits perfect around the laser.

Step 3: Attach to clothing

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Remove the plastic covering the sticky side of the rough velcro tape. Firmly attach to the pet's clothing on either the right or left shoulder.

Step 4: Entertainment till the battery dies!

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Put the rubber band on the laser so it holds down the button allowing the laser to stay on and then attach it to the clothing on either the right of left side. 
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