how to dissasemble a motor

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Picture of how to dissasemble a motor

its easy, try it!

Step 1: first,

Picture of first,

Take the motor and pry the end cap off with a flat head screwdriver.

Step 2: second,

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Pull out the armature.

Step 3: third,

Picture of third,

Pull out the U" shaped piece of metal. (sorry about the crummy picture.)

Step 4: fourth,

Picture of fourth,

Pull out the magnets that are located on the sides of the inside of the motor shell.

Step 5: fifth,

Picture of fifth,

put the magnets back the way you took them out

Step 6: sixth,

Picture of sixth,

push the "U" shaped piece of metal back in

Step 7: seventh,

Picture of seventh,

put the armature in the way you took it out also.

Step 8: eighth,

Picture of eighth,

put the end cap back on





Step 9: finally,

Picture of finally,

your done! hope you thought this was interesting.

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