Easy Motor Car

Written by: techguru

Picture of Easy Motor Car

easy motor car

Step 1: motor

Picture of motorSDC10133.JPGSDC10134.JPG

motor for car
pic 1= make 2
pic 2= add yellows to hold motor and remote together
pic 3= another view

Step 2: front wheels

Picture of front wheelsSDC10136.JPGSDC10137.JPGSDC10138.JPGSDC10139.JPGSDC10140.JPG

pic1= add red bar and greys
pic2= another view
pic 3= add tans and whells
pics 4-6=more views

Step 3: back wheels

Picture of back wheelsSDC10146.JPGSDC10147.JPGSDC10148.JPG

pic 1= 2
pic 2= follow pic
pic 3= add greys and tans
pic 4= add wheels and tans

Step 4: connect

Picture of connect

connect front and back wheels