DIY Hay Rack For Little Pets

Written by: techguru

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Hello Instructables,

This is my first Instructable, my english its not very good, then sorry.

In this instructable you will see how to make a Wood Hay Rack for little pets, for example rabbits or guinea pigs (I have two guinea pigs).

Step 1: Materials

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First, the materials list, you need:

  • A Plywood piece.
  • Pen, pencil or marker.
  • A rule (Squad).
  • Dremel (I have a Dremel 4000 with the cut attachment and accessories).
  • Hanger.

Step 2: Make The Sides And Base

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To make the pieces use a Dremel and a wood mill, for the sides use the form of the squad, I use a 15cm Squad you can change the size if you needed.

Step 3: Paste The Sides and Base

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Its simply, paste the pieces like the images using wood glue.

Step 4: Create The Front Area

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The front area is a tree little wood pieces, because this is where your pets eat the hay.

Step 5: Use The Hanger

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Cut the hanger in two pieces and then make a 90 degrees angle with the pieces, make a little hole in the rack and put the hanger into the hole (paste with wood glue).

Step 6: Finish

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And this is the result, you have a hay rack for your little pets.