Dc Motor Mod (with brushes)

Written by: techguru

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Have you ever had radio controlled car and you wanted it to perform better?
Or a drill that wanted to perform better?
Or any motor that has a load.
Here is the solution its my dc motor mod. 
It gives the motor more torque and conserves energy using capacitors to collect magnetic energy while its spinning.
It also limits the amount of current used when the motor is under load. 
Through out the instructable i'll show you how

Step 1: What U'll need

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Following material are what u'll need to perform this mod.
A dc motor
A small flat head screw driver 
A soldering iron 
A desoldering pump 
Some solder
Some SMD ceramic capacitors (about 100nf -330nf non polaried)
(the amount of capactor depends on your motor)

Step 2: The Motor

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First disassemble the motor by taking the flat head screw driver and prying the clips at the bottom of the motor upwards.
Then you pull off the cover, take out the core.
At the commutator there are depending on the motor about 3 - 16 pins. 
You must put a capacitor between each of the pins by soldering them on.
After that you just put the motor back together.
Picture 2 is your finished product.
Picture 3 is where to solder the capacitor.

Step 3: You have completed the mod.

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Im sorry that i dont have any evidence supporting this claim posted, beacuase it dont have a video camera but i do know it works. If you dont believe me take your multimeter and check the current supplied to the motor when its under load without the mod and then with it. Compare your results.
Thank you for reading this instuctable have a good and Godly day.