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INTRO- Take two tiny animals from your kids and convert to real dancing animations. Any  two will do but should be small as 2 to 3 inches long and made of plastic or other  hard plaster materials. Add tiny magnets and suspend them  with string.Then using the magic wand make them dance, circle. tap dance and hug each other. Hours of fun and addicting.



Picture of MATERIAL/TOOLSDog Cat Dancer 2-10-12 007.JPGDog Cat Dancer 2-10-12 002 - Copy.JPGDog Cat Dancer 2-10-12 009.JPG

The drawing illustrates the materials used.Nothing is of critical dimensions. Use what ever wood is available.

Base - plywood piece from removed old wall board..
Rod- any dowel about 3/16 to 1/4 diameter. and  6 tom 8 in. long.
Upright. wood 1 x 1   or a 1 inch old broom handle. Drill about 1/16 larger than diameter of rod. drill 1.in. down from top  upright.
Clips. Any small clip that is of a flat  jaws to grap the strings to the rod. Or use a slip knot, if no clip available.
Box- We used a unfinished card board box with a white paper finish. Many cheap types are available from Micheals or Jo-Ann's.
      Can be larger area  but at least 1/1/2 to 2-1/2 Height to use the wand.Can be painted or stickers used around the sides.
String- For special effects use two types. For the dog use jeweler's  stretch cord or string  from art supply companies or Walmart.This string stretches  to 300% and returns to its normal length when released.Its very stretchy and will cause the dog to jump and rotate vigorously around and up and down. The cat uses non-stretch nylon or good old fishing string. It will rotate easily if the size is very thin about 5 pound strength or so.  The stretch cord should be about .5millimeters dia. to .8 mm.Cost is 15 feet for $2.00 .
       Crimps- for the ends of the strings.Use very small ones  1mm. diameter Inside.[.032 in. approx.]Anchor strings in pets.
Magnets- Use same types for both pets. High strength type [shinny silver  finish]  1/2 in Dia.x1/8 thick. approx.
Control rod Magnet- Black, semi-strong types as purchased at Micheals. 3/16 x3/4 dia.
rod shold be about 1/4 to 5/16 diameter. x 7 to 8 in. long. with a slot cut for magnet.
Screws- To mount the upright- wood screw --1/8 dia. approx. x 1/2 in lg. approx.
Glue- Use strong glue no hotmelt. E-6000 or Goop[r]. to glue the strings to the pets and the box to the base.Cure 2 hours.
pliers to crimp the ends of the strings.
drill press or Dremel tool  to drill 2 holes.drill press is best for the hole in the upright rod.and the base.
For a horizontal rod of 1/4 dia. use a .26 dia drill hole [7/32 drill bit.] The rod should slide in easy and glue in place.
For the holes in the tops of the pets use a 1/8 drill. 1/2 deep. String crimps or knot will fit inside and glue.
Saw- hand.
sandpaper  150 gage.
Exacto-blade. to cut a hole in box.control rod.
screw driver bits. for wood screw.
Ref. picture of magnets  on the market.


Picture of ASSEMBLYDog Cat Dancer 2-10-12 001 - Copy (2).JPGDog Cat Dancer 2-10-12 007.JPGDog Cat Dancer 2-10-12 004.JPG

Base and upright- The upright  could be glued to the base using high strength glue instead of a wood screw. The post should  be larger cross-section in that case.Use wood screw shown in diagram if not gluing  in place.
Drill a hole in the upright for the horizontal rod.. .26 dia drill]
Alternate- Put up two vertical posts then place the horizontal   rod on top and glue in place. There is No hole  to drill .
Pet assembly- Drill a 1/8 hole in center of top of the pets about 1/2 in. deep. close to center of gravity.
      Turn them over feet up inside of some glass, aluminum  or plastic container.Put glue down then place a magnet into  glue. The north and south poles of the  magnets should be identical for a certain type of interaction and if opposed magnetically  they will have a different action.  Warning: keep the two pets al least 6 inches apart till till glue sets in two hours.
      To do this- hold them parallel in left and right hand. Bring them within 2 inches of each other. If they repel that is the two sides that that are both arbitrarily N-poles and  should then mount  in each pet to repel each other when they get close to each other.
Pet String attachment- To connect the strings we used  small crimps at the end and inserted them into Goop glue in the hole with a toothpick. Alternatemethod  may be used= tie a double knot in end then push the knot into the predrilled glue hole. Let dry 2 hours  minimum. Also you can just wrap the strings around the body and tie in place and apply glue to anchor .No drill needed.
Mounting to rod- suspend the pets- Let them displace about 1/4 inch from the top of the box for activity. Clip in place 2-1/2 in.apart..
Control rod assembly- Cut a slot in end of rod. Insert  magnet . Goop glue. Keep the rod away from all magnets in the area and all metals as they  attract and may pull out of the glue before it sets. Use a hand saw to cut slots. Put rod in a vice when cutting.
Alternate= cut a 1/2 section out of end and place  against the flat of the magnet  and glue.This will fit in the box hole.If not cut a larger hole in the box.
This completes assembly.


As you notice the two pets are not touching due to the magnets opposing  them. The control rod has a North and South pole face marked with a red  for attract [south pole] and black north pole [away from each other pole].What ever side attracts the dog mark that side of the rod with a Grab red pen. The opposing side is obviously Black or 'Away' side.
    Insert the controller rod and notice the pet dog will attract or repel depending  on what you do with the rod.
To get the dog to fall feet first to the box top just  rotate the rod to attract or 'Grab'. If you quickly rotate the rod between your fingers the dog will tap-dancefor you.Placing the control close to the cat will cause it to whirl around and around and try to grapple with the dog.

If it connects [hugs the doggie}  this means the two magnets are displaced  in such a way as to attract. To separate them -you will have a lot of fun as it is possible to do with the control rod.  If not then use your hands to pull them apart.

Have a lot of fun before you  give this toy to your kids as  you will not be able to once they dance their pets.
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