The Electric Motor

Written by: roboguru

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This is an experiment that will show how a motor works

What you need
A brushed motor
2bearings that will hold the core
Popsicle stick
Hot glue
Soldering iron

Step 1: Take Apart The Motor

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Completely disassemble the motor including the magnets and brushes(the electrodes) and make sure that they are operable and in good condition. If not change the motor.

The plates on the electromagnet is an indication of how much power the motor has. The less plates the more power.0

Step 2: Plate

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Get a plate or anything to mount your motor on. Clean it of anything that is on there. Then sand it so solder and and glue cAn stick.

Step 3: The Magnets

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Cut two 1.5cm parts of the stick. Then glue the magnets on the sticks. Then place the magnets 2.5cm apart on the plate and glue them upright use hot glue for this job

Step 4: The Bearings And Brushes

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Use the core to show where to put the brushes. Make a mark with a sharpie. Then solder wires to the brushes. Glue the brush assembly on the mark with hot glue. Then. Put the core in and glue on the bearings. Once glue is firm let go and make sure it can support the weight of the core. Be sure the brushes are touching the receptors on the core.

Step 5: Test

Use a battery to test the motor and and make sure the wires are not shorting out if your plate is metal. Once it works, you are done! Use it to teach kids or even college students! If you like this instruct able then vote and comment! Thanks for viewing another lasplaner project!

Step 6: Update

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hello fellow viewers

This is an update due to problems with the spindle core falling out because the speed is too high.

The photo shows the top one which has the longest spindle and that is a double sided engine. Try to use those and your problems will be decreased. The other three are for comparison and are normal motors that are fount in toys.

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