Spinning Motor Masco G18

Written by: roboguru

Picture of Spinning Motor Masco G18

Gather Materials:


D Battery

Rubber band

2 paperclips

Red wire (26 Gage) one arm length


Step 1:

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Wrap the wire into a circle, leaving about an inch of wire left on each side.

The circle should be as symmetrically balanced, and the extra wire should be even.

Wrap the extra wire around the end of the circle to keep the coiled wire sturdy.(circled in white)

TIP: Wrap the wire around the battery to make a perfect circle.

Step 2:

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Take the sandpaper, and shave off all of the red enamel on ONE side of the extra wire

Do not shave off any red on the circle

Step 3:

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Shave off only HALF of the other side of the extra wire, the horizontal way, so the other side is still red.

TIP: To make sure you're only getting rid of half the enamel, hold your thumb on the side you want to keep red while shaving the other half with the sandpaper.

Step 4:

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Bend the two paperclips as shown in the photo.

TIP: Bend the paperclip against the table to make the curve labeled "3" in the picture.

Step 5:

Double wrap the elastic across the battery, and place the single-curved side of the paperclip in between the elastic and each end of the battery.

Be sure the paperclips are close to the same height.

Step 6:

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On the top sides of each paperclip, rest the circle wire.

Place the magnet underneath the circle, on the battery.

Step 7:

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Give the circle a little flick in the direction it is starting to force itself to move. If it begins to spin, you have successfully made your motor!

Step 8:

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Try to set the paper clip tops that hold the wire as close to the battery magnet as possible for maximum force.

Add more magnets to the side diagonally to the other battery to spin your wire faster. (Look at photo).

Make sure whatever section of the wire needs to be shaved off, is COMPLETELY shaved off of the red enamel.