Motorized Bike

Written by: roboguru


This is the motorized bike I built today. Hope you like it!

It started with a 26" Avigo Ridgedale Mens cruiser. Brakes are coaster style, but I'm going to add front disc brakes soon. I fitted on a 66cc Skyhawk bike engine. Runs up to around 30 mph. Gets 140ish miles per gallon. Very comfortable to ride on. Whole thing cost me about $270 US, and about 2.5 hours.
Purrs like a kitten and hauls some serious a$$.

One word. Awesome.

Update: Okay so since the stock CNS carburetor was giving me trouble I decided to buy an RT carburetor. I've seen nothing but good reviews on it so I will report back when it arrives.

Update 2: My RT carburetor arrived today. I am shocked at the increase in power, speed, and throttle response. This carb is at least 100x better than either the NT or CNS. If you own one of these bikes, get one. It also looks a lot better and seems to be much higher quality. I am not disappointed, thank you Duane.

Update 3: So I've ran it for a good 60 miles now and it's still going strong. I purchased a 36 tooth rear sprocket for some added speed, albeit at the cost of hill climbing ability. That's alright though, my area isn't particularly hilly, and if I come across one, I can just pedal assist. With the sprocket, my top speed jumped to 39 mph, and my cruising speed went from 25 to 30 mph. This means I can now comfortably keep up with traffic in the city. Sweet.