Motor Control with arduino motor shield via Web

Written by: roboguru

Picture of Motor Control with arduino motor shield via Web

In this project, I will control DC motor(Computer fan) with motor shield(official) via Web page.

You can control motor as slow speed or fast speed and stop.

Also If you want, you can add control button or change control button in web page.

I use MCU as W7500 of WIZnet. This MCU has hardwired TCP/IP stack.

Step 1: Prepare meterials

Picture of Prepare meterials

1. WIZwiki-W7500 board.

2. Arduino motor shield

3. DC motor(computer fan)

4. 12V adaptor

Step 2: Hardware connection(Stacking motor shield)

Picture of Hardware connection(Stacking motor shield)

WIZwiki-W7500 is arduino pin compatible, so motor shield can be stacked easily.

Step 3: Hardware connection(connect DC motor)

Picture of Hardware connection(connect DC motor)

And then connect DC motor to motor shield.

Step 4: Hardware connection(connect adaptor)

Picture of Hardware connection(connect adaptor)

DC motor needs 12V so you connect extra 12V adaptor to motor shield.

Now all meterials are prepared.

Step 5: Install compiler

Picture of Install compiler

I use Keil as compiler.

So the project is created by Keil.

Keil is provided as free.

Download keil compiler and install.

Step 6: Download project and library

I upload the codes to github.

Download the project and library.

Step 7: Demo

There are 3 speed level buttons and 1 stop button.

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