Knex motor tune-up anyone can do!!!

Written by: roboguru

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Have a noisy K'nex motor!?? I did, and after following this instructable, you will have a motor that is ten times quieter, and runs much smoother, with bit more torque! 

This instuctable is created for the average person; that they can do with household supplies, while more professional tools can be used in place of others at will. 

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Step 1: Initial diassembly

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-With your #2 Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws holding the motor case together. They will be hard to "crack" the factory bond the bolt has the first time.

They are all the same size, so no marking of the locations of the screws is required. 

-Pull the case apart, it should separate easily! 

-snake the motor out, the wires will be somewhat stuck and twisted around near the wire outlet hole. 

Step 2: Gearbox Disassembly

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Take the output gears out without having the clutch part(spring and other half) of the gears falling out 

-PAY ATTENTION on how the red/yellow reduction gears go!! Once you know how they go in your head or drawn on a piece of paper, remove them by sliding them off their shafts. 

-Congrats, you now have the motor dissassebled!

Step 3: Gearbox lubrication and assembly

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Use your pencil to use as a pinpoint oiler! Dip it in the light motor oil and lube! 

-Give ONE drop to each shaft! 

-Put one "layer" of reduction gears on and dip your pencil into the Vaseline(petroleum jelly) Dab a little bit on the gears. Not TOO MUCH, just right!! 

-put the other "layer" on and daub some more jelly on there. 

- Put some jelly on the gear teeth and parts the rotate in the motor case on the forward output gear. Reinstall in case. 

- Daub some on the same areas as the front output on the side output gear. Reinstall.. 

-Reinstall the side output gear so all teeth mesh right! 

Step 4: Motor Lubrication and reinstallation

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The motor had two main bearings that are always REALLY dry when you dissasemble these motors for the first time. This is what causes most of your noise. 

-Put ONE small drop on the front bearing 

-Repeat for rear bearing... 

-Carefully push the motor in the mesh of the reduction gears. The motor only goes in one way, its trial and error! 

Step 5: Final assembly and Run-down

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-Place top half of case back on 

-put screws in and softly tighten them down. 

TADAAAA!!!!!******************UR done!! 

Run it back and forth for a few minutes, you wil notice the difference immediately! It will be a long while till you will need to do this procedure again. So now go and put it to use in your K'nex projects in smooth silence!!