Swirling Psychedelic Glasses (motorised)

Written by: techguru

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As we all know, when a cartoon character is hypnotized, his eyes are spiral like and/or swirling.

Halloween is a good time to be hypnotized, so let's show it!

(This is a Very easy and low cost project I made in less than an hour.)


( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTHpJ87TVug )

For this simple instructable, you'll need:

- Metal grid, like the one that protects small speakers(or expanded metal)
- tippex or any white paint
- 2 small dc motors; like cell phone vibrating device or small toy motors.
- button cells and magnets
- Glasses frame
- wire

And that's all.

Step 1: Motors

Picture of MotorsP1050811.JPGP1050812.JPG

I got the motors and the cells from a small line follower toy.

I just took them off the toy, keeping a maximum of wire.

the smaller the motor, the better.

Step 2: metal grid

Picture of metal gridP1050814.JPGP1050816.JPG

The metal grid is a way to see, without being seen:

- there are holes everywhere, which will be very close to your eyes. you will be able to see through.
- holes are small and close one to an other, people wont see through.

I took it from a pair of small speakers, then flattened it, and found the center for the motor to take place.

Step 3: 2 eyes

Picture of 2 eyesP1050817.JPGP1050840.JPGP1050818.JPG

Now, I cut two circles in the metal grid, it will form the "eyes" or the glasses.

My metal grid was painted in black so I used a pair of compasses along with a marker, which leaves a clear mark on it.

Use a strong pair of scissors.

Step 4: spirals

Picture of spiralsP1050833.JPGP1050824.JPGCopie de P1050827.JPGCopie de P1050825.JPGP1050829.JPGP1050828.JPGP1050832.JPGP1050831.JPGP1050836.JPG

I found a spiral pattern on the web.

Adjust it on the screen to the actual size of the circles.

Put a plastic sheet to protect the screen, apply the metal grid circle above and draw the spiral with tippex.

when the first circle is painted ( tippexed ) let it dry and put the second circle above, it will be easier to paint it.

When everything is dry, check for filled holes, and empty them.

Step 5: the frame

Picture of the frameP1050839.JPGP1050840.JPGP1050841.JPGP1050842.JPGP1050843.JPG

Take the frame from old glasses, and determine where you want the motors to be.

Then take a drill bit or anything close to the size of the motor ( or the motor itself ) and make several turns around: it will hold the motor.

Then use the two ends of the wire and wrap them around the frame at the desired location.

Step 6: finish the assembly.

Picture of finish the assembly.P1050858.JPGP1050855.JPGP1050846.JPGP1050849.JPG

glue or solder the painted metal disc on the shaft of the motor

I tried glue, but it broke, so I soldered it instead.

be careful, it starts to get fragile.

Take the magnets and the button cells, and trap motor's wires between each side of the cell and magnets.
Then let a magnet stick to the frame or to the motor to hold the battery.

It's now hypnotizing / you're hypnotized !